The February Update

February started off with a quick one day ski trip for Ryan. It was his best friend's (Nick Hebb) birthday so they all met up at Steven's Pass and skied. Then they had dinner back at Nick's house in Seattle. He had a great time. 
Then on February 8/9/10th we took a little trip over to Leavenworth with the Valentine family. We totally surprised Barb and Bob for their 40th wedding anniversary. They thought they were meeting us in Leavenworth to watch our kids while we went on a wine tasting trip... little did they know that we had booked a hotel for the weekend and we would all (Justin and Andrea included) be spending the whole weekend together. Their reaction to this news was absolutely priceless. We had a great time just hanging out with them. Barb and Bob took the family on a sleigh ride. It was a beautiful trip and we really enjoyed spending some time (if only a few days) with the family.
Colton is absolutely smitten with Aunt Andrea. He wanted to hold her hand where ever we went. He has such an outgoing and fun personality. If he sees a pretty lady, he will go out of his way to flirt with her and get her attention. Not sure where he learned his moves, but I know some adult men that could learn from his lady skills.
Our niece, Miara, is an amazing athlete. She is currently in a competitive dance company doing hip hop and lyrical dance. She is in credible. I am sure her many years of gymnastics training is helping, but seriously, this girl is good. Payton, Korin, Peg (Nonni) and I were fortunate enough to be able to drive down to Bellevue in February and watch her dance. She had a solo at this show and I think the entire family got a little teary eyed watching her perform. Also... how beautiful are my sisters? I mean honestly they are babes on the inside and out.
In other news, PJ is a total spaz when you get the camera out. The pictures of her posing are just a few of the 100 I took that day of her doing different faces and poses. She loves to have her picture taken, and then she loves to look at all the pictures you took. She has a leapster that can also take pictures/videos; she has so many pictures of herself on there. It is quite funny.
Korin is now 1/2 a year old. In some ways time has flown by already, in other ways, I can't believe it has only been 6 months.
PJ's class took a field trip to Haggen (local grocery store). They got to go in the big freezers, see cookies/donuts being made, and get Mr. Yuck stickers from the pharmacy. PJ  has totally bonded with a little girl named Erin from school. They are self proclaimed best friends and Payton talks about Erin every day. Erin is a total sweetheart and we are happy that PJ has found a friend. Unfortunately, they will not be going to the same school next year.
And lastly... Ryan and I had our 8th wedding anniversary this year. We actually took some time to celebrate. We stayed overnight at the Chrysalis and had a fantastic time. It was so nice to actually be able to have an uninterrupted conversation. It is amazing what a small trip away from the madness of 3 kids will do for your sanity. It was a great way to recharge our batteries. I am proposing that we do this monthly. :)

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